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Smudge Stick

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Aromatic and medicinal plant smudge stick.


  • Cleanses energy.
  • Purifies spaces.


One end of the smudge stick is lit by blowing gently so that it begins to burn. When smoke starts to come out it's time to use it. You have to pass it near the body or space to be cleansed. When you finish using it, you can give it a few taps on the lit part on a plate or wet it with a little water.

Store in a moisture-free space. Do not expose to the sun.

Avoid direct contact with hands, clothing or flammable surfaces.


White sage (Salvia sclarea), lavender (Lavandula angustifolia), ocote pine (Pinus patula), pericón (Tagetes lucida) and rosemary (Salvia rosmarinus). Organic plants, harvested on a crescent moon in the southern highlands of Oaxaca.

Smudge Stick
Smudge Stick Sale price$16.00