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Soap xocolatl

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Handmade product, from natural ingredients, made and cut by hand in small batches. With highly softening and moisturizing properties. Maintains the glycerin naturally produced in the soap making process, which is an excellent moisturizer. 


Cocoa powder has exfoliating and moisturizing properties. Tepezcohuite, along with its anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties, is an excellent cellular regenerator that helps healing. As well as cocoa butter as it helps to improve the flexibility and elasticity of the skin. Lovely contrast of warm, fresh and stimulating aromas, cocoa and peppermint essential oil. 


Apply to damp skin. Rinse with water.


Oil of: olive, coconut, nopal and castor; cocoa butter, demineralized water, sodium hydroxide; tepezcohuite and cocoa powder, peppermint essential oil; rosemary oleoresin, vitamin E, cornstarch.

Soap xocolatl
Soap xocolatl Sale price$7.50