Regenerating Cream - Organic Hyaluronic Acid


Hyaluronic Acid - Regenerating Cream

  • Intensely and deeply moisturizes
  • Promotes cell regeneration and gives firmness to the skin. 
  • Prevents and corrects expression lines. 
  • For dry or combination skin.

Organic hyaluronic acid (plant origin) is extracted from a plant called cassia angustifolia, protects the skin, binds strongly to water and fills wrinkles and fine lines.

This compound has the unique ability to compensate for the natural hyaluronic acid lost in our own skin. Yes! We all have hyaluronic acid in our skin, but with time and oxidation we lose almost all of it.

AHB is a highly effective humectant, which means it captures moisture from the air and draws it into the epidermis, keeping skin glowing, firm and moisturized. This formula has pure, organic oils such as camellia oil that helps restore skin's elasticity, balance and softness. As well as pumpkin seed oil, which provides fatty acids, very important to nourish the skin.

On dry skin:

Use it during the day, after the application of the mist. At night, after the basic oil.

For combination skin:

Use it after the mist, as a night cream. Daily use.

*This cream is NOT recommended for oily skin.

Recommendations. Always apply your cream with a little moisture on the skin, in this case, we recommend mist, as it is a light tonic for the skin, and provides active compounds from plants, deflating and refreshing. Hyaluronic acid always works best with this principle. In case of dry or very dry skin, it is recommended to use the basic oil before the cream.

Shelf life 24 months after opening. We suggest storing this product in a humidity-free place, out of direct sunlight. Try not to put water in your cream, so that it stays in the best conditions.


Cocoa butter, natural cetyl palmitate, organic virgin camellia oil, witch hazel hydrolate, pumpkin seed oil, vegetable glycerin, water, mango butter, natural olive glutamate, capric and caprylic acid triglycerides from olive, organic hyaluronic acid (cassia angustifolia seed extract), aloe vera, virgin rosehip oil, horseradish ferment, essential oils of Roman chamomile, lavender, frankincense, geranium and ylang ylang. Vitamin E, lactic acid and phenoxyethanol 1%.

Hypoallergenic product.

50 g

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