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Lip balm

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They nourish and relax the skin on our lips. They act as a sunscreen and form a barrier that prevents moisture loss without clogging pores, thanks to beeswax . They relieve dry skin, itching and burning due to their oils such as coconut and almonds . Another of its main ingredients is Cocoa Butter which helps preserve and rejuvenate the skin .


Apply the balm on your lips as many times as necessary to relieve, protect and heal dryness, especially in dry and cold climates.

Before going to sleep: During the night, most people sleep with their lips open, causing dryness in them. Apply the balm before sleeping; especially in winter.

Before lipstick: Hydrated lips are ideal for applying color. Applying a light layer of balm before the lipstick helps the color stand out more.


Beeswax; cocoa butter, shea butter; coconut, palm, almond, jojoba, and castor oil; Vit E, stevia, matcha tea, lavender essential oil, lemongrass essential oil.

Lip balm
Lip balm Sale price$15.00