Towel Set

$125 $144

Linen leads us to a more natural experience and improves our quality of life!

WILD LEGACY, one line ... many generations! Our 100% natural linen towels will be members of your family and will be passed down as a secret from generation to generation.

 They are more efficient than cotton towels:

 * They are woven with 100% natural linen.

 * They are hypoallergenic.

 * They absorb water like a sponge and dry quickly.

 * They become softer with repeated use and washing.

 * Linen, a natural fiber, is inherently resistant to bacteria.

 * Bring a strap to hang comfortably and elegantly.

Without a doubt the perfect complement to your skincare routine. Welcome, flax!

Set Includes:

1 face towel: 33 x 33 (cm) / 13 x 13 (in)

1 hand towel: 42 x 70 (cm) / 17 x 28 (in)

1 body towel: 100 x 140 (cm) / 39 x 55 (in)

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