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Article: LS -Linen Towels

Toallas de Lino - Legado Silvestre

LS -Linen Towels

Where did the idea of selling linen towels come from?

It is common that when I go to Mexico or any other country, I enjoy observing, feeling and trying new things. And so, one day, when I arrived at a friend's house in CDMX who always welcomes me with a room prepared and with certain things to use, this time I found a towel. It wasn't just any towel, this one looked very elegant folded on the bed. It was beautiful to look at and caught my eye.

To begin with, feeling them was a different and very unique experience, because for a lifetime I was used to the typical cotton towel. After bathing, the experience of the simple fact of unhooking it was different, it was something elegant, light and that because of the size it wrapped my whole body, feeling a more natural experience, soft and really clean, and that no matter where you put it to dry, it will look good and dry fast. And from there, the search for information about linen, its qualities, its benefits, its history, the places where it is produced, etc. was born. 

We decided to create an exclusive line of our own towels by selecting the best linen producers in the world. Where there is a production with zero waste. The idea is to offer a natural experience and integrate them into the daily lives of people who also like to enjoy themselves while taking care of their skin and the environment. 

We don't believe in fast fashion, that's why we create towels designed to look and feel amazing for years. Hence the name LEGADO SILVESTRE. 

Did you knowthat Linen towels are truly unique for those who love natural care, elegance, comfort and what lasts?

Linen towels are usually found in the market with a higher selling price than other materials, but it is important to know that the cost-benefit is proportional to the quality of what you are getting. 

Who wouldn't love to have their favorite towel for years and still look like new, como nueva, or better yet, pass it on to the next generation? 

Keep in mind that when you buy linen you are buying a fiber that is natural and, as we say, a fiber that has life.

But why a linen towel?

It has a number of attributes and characteristics that have made it stand out from other textiles:

Sustainable fabric

Compared to cotton, linen is much more sustainable.

  • It is 100% natural. 
  • The flax plant could survive without irrigation water (rainwater only) and without the need for chemicals. The plant does not attract pests.
  • Sustainable because the entire plant is used for both fabric and insulation material as well as for food.

Resistance and durability: flax is a fiber that is twice as strong and resistant as cotton and wool.

Lightweight and cool: Its high water absorption capacity makes it a hygroscopic garment, which means that it absorbs water or sweat well without adhering to the body and quickly evaporates them.

Hypoallergenic: Its chemical composition makes it an antibacterial, antifungal textile by nature.

Beneficial properties for your health:: Antibacterial capacity, it is recommended to use linen fibers in sensitive areas and as compresses due to its resistance and capacity to absorb waste from the body. 

Differences between linen and cotton

  • When a linen garment gets wet, it weighs less and its drying capacity is much greater.
  • It can last for many years (although you have to be careful with the snags, that can cause breakage).
  • Linen is thermo-regulating, perfect for any season of the year and also insulates you very well from the outside temperature so you can rest (in the case of bed linen) wonderfully.
  • Compared to cotton fabric, linen does not retain odors for that reason, it is said to be hygienic. toalla-colgando-ls

Now that you know the benefits of buying a towel made with 100% Linen, maybe you can appreciate it and see it with different eyes, and I assure you that you will first see the composition label before the price tag ;)

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