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Article: The Importance of Using a Natural Deodorant

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The Importance of Using a Natural Deodorant

The Importance of Using a Natural Deodorant

Ok, think about it, the deodorant is a product you put on every day. Most of us rely on our deodorant like the air we breathe and trust it to get us through the day without betraying us. The thing is, we don't give importance to this product that we apply every day, but maybe after reading this, you'll dare to make the switch to a natural deodorant!

How natural deodorants work

Natural deodorants neutralize the bacteria in sweat, helping with bad odor, since the cause of bad odor is not the sweat, but the bacteria.. FUN FACT: did you know that sweat is just a mixture of salt and water, and that bad odor happens when sweat comes in contact with the natural bacteria that live on our skin? We want you to know that this bad odor can be eliminated by using a natural deodorant.

How do commercial deodorants/antiperspirants work?

Deodorants mask the odor with health hazardous ingredients such as triclosan, phthalates, parabens and synthetic fragrances, while antiperspirants, in addition to the above mentioned, block the sweat glands preventing toxins from leaving your body along with the sweat. Its function is to block the pores. This is usually done with aluminum-based ingredients, the underarms absorb the chemicals and toxins and they get trapped inside the body because you can't sweat them out, and that's what we don't want! We know no one likes the idea of walking down the avenue sweaty, but this is our body's way of releasing toxins and regulating its temperature, so it shouldn't be seen as a bad thing. Rather, it's natural, and chances are you don't sweat as much as you think.

Stains caused by commercial deodorants/antiperspirants.

This isn't the sweat's fault either. What causes that stain is aluminum and/or other toxic ingredients. The same goes for dark underarm stains: the skin is stained from years of using these products and their harmful ingredients. The good news is that by using a natural deodorant you can avoid all this and say goodbye to those embarrassing stains. And well, needless to say, you'll have peace of mind! :)

My experience and testimonial

Sensitive skins are easily irritated when using commercial deodorants/antiperspirants and with a natural deodorant these irritations can be avoided. The important thing is to find a natural deodorant that nourishes and cares for your skin and is effective at the same time. Being a person with sensitive skin, it's crazy how my underarm skin quality improved when I stopped using commercial deodorants. My skin felt softer, moisturized, nourished and lightened. I no longer had that dark tone that bothered me so much and my skin was no longer irritated. I remember thinking, "if my skin looked like that from so many years of using commercial deodorants, imagine all the stuff my body had been absorbing...OMG!!!" I've been using natural deodorants for 10 years now and I wouldn't trade them for anything! And in fact, the only ones I use today, and my favorites, are called "NADA" and they are the natural deodorants we chose to be part of the Punto Suave family.

Why we prefer NADA Naturals deodorants

NADA Naturals is a brand born in Torreón, Mexico (Ely's hometown). NADA is dedicated to the creation of deodorant creams for healthy underarm care. Their deodorants are handmade, with lots of love, using natural ingredients that are not harmful to your health, and that work!

They are a vegan brand: all of their deodorants are made with organic butters, natural gluten-free plant powders, pure steam-distilled essential oils, organic wildcrafted botanicals and unrefined plant oils. Like us, NADA seeks to make its customers more aware of the ingredients behind the products they apply on a daily basis and to achieve a harmony between health, wellness and efficacy. Last but not least, NADA is aligned with Punto Suave in its commitment to caring for the planet by having a refill system promoting the reuse of deodorant containers.

NADA deodorants help nourish, detoxify, control odor and at the same time lighten your underarms. They have a total of 9 natural scents, 6 in pots and 3 in sticks, so there is one for every taste, and they also offer refills so you can reuse your container!

The Detox

We have to be real here, the transition process is not done overnight. You have to give your body a chance to go through that period which, although it can be a little uncomfortable, is totally worth it when you get to the other side. Your body is going to go through several stages, as you've most likely been using a commercial deodorant for years.

How does it work and what should you expect::

Week 1 ~ You don't smell.

Week 2 ~ You may have some odor (You are detoxing).

Week 3 ~ You sweat more than normal (You are still in detox).

Week 4 ~ No sweat and no odor (Detox complete).

Week 5 ~ Now onwards continue to enjoy this natural deodorant:)

We encourage you to make the change, do it for you, your body and your health!

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Excelente articulo! Tremendl contenido!!!

Juan Vayas

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