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Dormir y los efectos de una buena rutina de sueño en la piel.




Lack of sleep can literally be read on our face!

It is well known, and even scientifically proven: health and sleep are intimately related. While we sleep our organs, including the skin, the largest organ of our body, recover. 

Skin and sleep, what is the link?

During the sleeping phase, all our organs recover and regenerate in order to continue to function properly, and the skin is no exception. Our immune system takes advantage of our sleep time to reactivate itself. The skin needs to recover to reactivate itself, and it can only do so at night!

Day and night, what difference does it make to the skin?

The functioning of our skin varies according to the time of day, as it goes through different phases throughout the day. This phenomenon is the "skin's chronobiology", also called the skin's "biorhythm". The biorhythm is more or less active depending on changes in light. Brightness and darkness directly affect its behavior.

What does our skin do at night?

 At night, the skin starts its resting phase. It takes advantage of this hollow activity of the rest of the body to repair itself.  It is protected from the external aggressions to which it is exposed during the day.

Night routine and sleep, what to do?

If sleeping well is the condition for our skin to function well, it is helpful sometimes to give it a boost. Help your skin to regenerate even better during the night phase by washing your face with our elysian soaps, this will help to clean and not clog pores, and the elysian cream will comfort, moisturize and nourish your skin throughout the night.

How does the skin regenerate overnight?

Nighttime skin regeneration goes through a cell division process 3 times more intense than during the day. By dividing, skin cells multiply and renew themselves. To enable this essential cellular activity, the skin needs energy. This is supplied by the blood, which leads to an increase in blood circulation. During the day, the skin barrier used to protect itself is at its maximum. At night, during our sleep phase, your skin becomes more permeable and opens its pores.

What are the benefits of sleep on the skin?

After a good night's sleep, our complexion is generally fresh, our dark circles less pronounced. Our skin cells have had time to renew themselves properly, and were able to produce enough collagen and elastin to be healthy. They are also better oxygenated after a restorative resting phase. Creams will prove to be more effective on this healthy canvas. The epidermis is more permeable, so it absorbs better the active ingredients applied to it.

What products enhance the beneficial effects of sleep?

To support the skin in its regeneration period, apply products that enhance its natural mechanisms at night. The goal is to help it regenerate and eliminate toxins.

Beneficial products for the night that you can get today in our online store, and also available for international delivery:

elysian facial soaps: they cleanse the skin leaving it soft and free of impurities.

Konjac sponges: gently cleanses, exfoliates and massages the skin.

elysian Dermo-Regenerating Cream: moisturizes, nourishes, minimizes pores, helps control acne, fades wrinkles, melasma, among others.

Mis Ojitos: Prevents premature aging of the skin, prevents wrinkles around the eyes and helps to reduce puffiness under the eyes.






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