Logo Punto Suave

PS Logo

Thinking about the PS logo and how it all started, it makes me think about every entrepreneur and how important a logo is for every brand or ventur...

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Toallas de Lino - Legado Silvestre

LS -Linen Towels

Where did the idea of selling linen towels come from? It is common that when I go to Mexico or any other country, I enjoy observing, feeling and t...

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La reina de la casa

The reina of the casa

And how can we not talk about everyone's favorite, the reina of the casa (queen of the house) of Punto Suave. If there is one thing we can tell yo...

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¿Cómo nos conocimos?

How we met

What do dark spots on the skin and the love for yoga have in common? Find out how these two ingredients were the key for Ely and Paola to get to kn...

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